Chai Kings


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Chai Kings


Chai Kings is a pioneer in the refreshments space as it ushered-in an ideal solution to the unhygienic and hazardous neighborhood tea stalls frequented by tea lovers. Started in 2017, Chai Kings quickly gained popularity with its excellent quality, hygienic ambience, impeccable service and affordable pricing. Besides a wide variety of tea, Chai Kings offers a range of options in short eats and shakes.

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Chai Kings Chai Kings

Our role

Social Tribes has played an integral part in the growth of brand Chai Kings. From naming to brand identity to brand building, Social Tribes has been promoting Chai Kings across multiple channels in a planned, consistent manner. Impactful social media campaigns, strong website, attractive design collaterals and digital initiatives have taken the brand to the people at a mass level. Focused communication to business houses has built a premium image for Chai Kings which is now present in many reputed corporate campuses.

With sound strategy, impactful creative and persuasive content, Social Tribes has been offering comprehensive communication solutions for Chai Kings.

Definitive results

Social Tribes has created a tangible impact for Chai Kings and has propelled its growth in the brand’s journey. A spectrum of high-impact communications via diverse media has enabled the brand to register in the minds of people and become a popular choice in its category.

From a single outlet in Chennai, Chai Kings has grown to over 30 outlets in the city and has expanded its operations to Coimbatore and Hyderabad.

Thanks to its overwhelming success and popularity, Chai Kings has won awards, accolades and recognitions.

With our expertise in online, offline and digital, we have been powering the growth of Chai Kings and have played a key role in making it a unique brand in its category.

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Chai Kings